How to travel stylishly

Photo Credit: Chalene Johnson
I love me some colorful sneakers as evident by my last shoe purchase and am totally envious of this suitcase full of pretty sneakers and louboutins! However since I'm not leading fitness classes, I don't need to travel with a whole collection of them. I usually just pack two pairs of shoes and make sure all my outfits go with them. I consider myself a smart packer, I don't overpack and can travel with just one suitcase. The way I do this is I write up an itinerary of what I'm going to wear everyday when I travel. Every morning while on vacation I just refer to my list to see what I'm scheduled to wear that day. I take care in packing the perfect dress for this background or shorts for the day I'm taking a bike ride.

The key is to know what colors look good on you. You won't ever find me in a black dress, I find it boring, but to each their own. I like for my outfits to be bright and stand out since I'll be posing in front of beautiful backgrounds. In preparation for every trip I try on every outfit to see how it fits me and what jewelry goes with it. You want to pack pieces that are simple and classic. That way when you're looking at your pictures years down the line the focus won't be on your clothing choice. When I was younger my mom always had a "travel uniform". lol It was a casual brown strip suit with lots of pockets, I hated that outfit! lol My travel outfit tends to be a cute velour sweatsuit from Bebe. It's comfortable and keeps me warm on long international flights.

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