Healthy Airport Snacks

Next time you travel plan ahead for what you will eat when you go to the  airport to prevent your triggers from getting at you. My local airport has a Cinnabon, there's actually none in my city thankfully, so when I go to the airport I think wow this is a rare treat! I used to always get the smaller sized Bites but unfortunately that comes in a set of 6! Why would one person need a pack of 6?! That pack of 6 is 620 calories, 24 g of fat and 36 grams of sugar! It's hard to resist walking by it because just one whiff of the sweet frosted treat calls my name! But I'm happy to say I've finally been able to quit this sweet sin!

Traveling has a way of wearing you down, which makes it hard for you to make good food choices. So I recommend packing portable oatmeal which I talked about in this post. That way you don't end up getting a bagel and cream cheese, high in calories but nutritionally void. I bought my cashews with me and Shakeology that I mixed with water.

Healthy things you can buy in the airport include:
Protein Bar
Greek Yogurt (watch the sugar)
I've seen hardboiled eggs pop up in some airport vendors.
Make sure you buy some water at the airport to prevent being dehydrated on the plane. Here's a great blog post on how to take care of your skin while flying.

Check out my post from last year about what snacks I bring with me when I travel. 

If flying through SFO check out The Plant Organic Cafe, I always get a green juice when I land. If you're flying out of LAX check out Real Food Daily. It's a vegetarian restaurant with a few locations in LA and Santa Monica. It's in Terminal 4 (American Airlines) on the Departures Level. I stopped there for breakfast (scrambled tofu with tempeh bacon) then again to pick up a tofu wrap to go to eat on the plane for lunch. 

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