Travel Apps You Need!

I did a ton of walking in LA and used a free app called Every Trail to find walking tours. It was really awesome! It gives you a map and shows you where you are on the map through GPS. Then gives pictures and a brief description of every point of interest on the map.  You can also use it for hiking trails. All maps are made by users just like you so you can do your own photo geotagging. It's a great tool for community sharing. You can sort by rating to find the best ones. I'd say this is definitely a must have app and it was all free! I did these 4 tours during my vacation:

Another great app is tripit which organizes your itinerary for you by putting together all your flights, hotels, and other travel plans on your iPhone. It takes all your confirmation emails and builds a folder for you. Your trip folder is nicely organized, with links for tracking your flight status, checking seating charts and an adequate map of the local area that you can view when you have no network connection. If you have Gmail, you can set your TripIt preferences to automatically grab travel-related emails by giving it access to your email account. 

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