The Oscars

I'm really into movies, had my netflix account for I don't know 10 years? I get two movies a week (8 a month) for $12 a month, pretty sweet deal! Cheaper than going to the movies! Now a days movies go to dvd so fast I can get something in about 3-4 months time! Watching the Oscars is something I look forward to because I love the red carpet before the show and seeing everyone in gorgeous gowns. The nominations tell me what are the top movies of the year so I can catch up and watch whatever I haven't seen that is clearly worth seeing. Plus Oscar winning movies come back to the theaters after the show if you didn't know. This year a few academy favorites that I've seen are American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, and Philomena. I even suffered through watching Despicable Me 2 so I could see one of the most talked about animated movies this year. lol If you haven't seen some of these here's a quick recap:

American Hustle is about a con man and his partner in the 1970s who are forced to work for the FBI. This is worth seeing just for the costumes and hair alone! Bradley Cooper wears little rollers in his hair! lol Did you know he went to Georgetown University and dated Zoe Saldana (not at the same time lol)?

Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks is based on the real life rescue of a merchant mariner who was taken hostage from Somali pirates.

Dallas Buyers Club is based on the story of an electrician and rodeo cowboy, who in 1985 was diagnosed with AIDS and given 30 days to live. He discovered that the experimental new drug the hospital was using to treat patients was in fact poisonous. So he travels around the world to find drugs not approved by the FDA and brings them back to his motel room in Dallas where he makes money selling them to HIV patients for a monthly fee of $400. What's really notable about the film is that Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto who played a transsexual (pictured right) both lost about 40 lbs each for the role.

Philomena is a British comedy starring Judi Dench based on the true story of an Irish woman's 50 year search for her adopted son in America. It was a real tear jerker!

For an interesting opt ed on how Oscar voting supposedly works read this!

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