A Crunchy Snack!

I'm not a big hummus eater, but after I was introduced to falafel on a trip to the middle east I've been hooked on falafel! While everyone else eats pizza at 3am after a night out, I go to the falafel shop in town. This crunchy snack made with traditional Middle Eastern spices really does taste like falafel. It's a tad spicy so that stops me from eating the whole bag in one sitting which is good since these are so addicting! lol

There's a few companies that make baked chickpea snacks and I honestly didn't like the others but Saffron Road's Falafel I love! By the way did you know that chickpeas are technically a legume?

The awesome thing about Saffron Road is that their products are organic and don't contain any GMO ingredients plus these chickpeas contain 6 grams of protein per serving!

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