Steal This Outfit Idea: The Pale Pink Blazer

I'm not a fuchsia kind of gal, I love my pinks pale and beigey as I've talked about in this post and that post. So when I saw the perfect shade light pink jacket at the LOFT I just had to get it! Well first I stalked the store for a few weeks waiting for it to go on sale. And they had a lot of teaser sales, literally twice I walked in there and saw a sale sign right next to the jacket but was told only the other color jackets were only on sale or the merchandise next to it was on sale. The underside of the sleeves are a pretty polka dot print which they even have a matching shirt but I instead went for this feminine crochet shirt which in retrospect will probably be hard to keep clean. lol I think it's going to be a pretty popular item this spring as I saw lace shirts at the Limited as well.

If you're looking for a new spring fragrance check out Roses de Chloe. I'm always attracted to rose scented products, and this one is a very soft floral fragrance with a touch of bergamont, perfect for daytime wear.

For my pink nails I mixed Zoya Zanna with Sephora by OPI Mauve-ie Star in the Making.

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