Current Obsession: Caldrea Hand Balm

I tend to get a lot of lotions as gifts and when I had to re-organize my medicine cabinet at the same time I went through all my collected products under my sink and purged a ton. One thing I came across was a now discontinued hand balm by Caldrea (the orange tube pictured on the top shelf of my medicine cabinet). OMG the lotion smelled amazed and was so luxuriously moisturizing! When I finished the tube I just had to buy more! Come to find out Caldrea is made by the same company as my favorite green cleaner Mrs. Meyers.

Their philosophy was to create green cleaning products without harsh chemicals and medicinal smells but still hard working. They use essential oils for the fragrances and plant-derived surfactants from renewable resources. Additionally all of their products are biodegradable and not tested on animals. Mrs. Meyer's is the more affordable brand for grocery stores and Target while Caldrea is marketed more like upscale cosmetics packaged in beautifully designed containers.

Right now I'm using Mrs. Meyers hand soap in Geranium, the scent it out of this world! And I bought two hand balms, one for home and one for the office in Ginger Pomelo and the Sea Salt Neroli. In the wintertime my hands tend to get dry but Caldrea hand balms not only smell lovely but are so moisturizing!

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