Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

Here are the latest trends for fall fashion 2022 and some tips to look fresh for fall. If you update your closet with classic pieces with a modern twist, you will always look chic and effortless. I think you can build upon what you already have and love. You can take what you already wear for summer and build upon that for fall. For example, my favorite summer pants I will pair with warmer tops. I just need to add some layers and textures and darker accessories. Adding something unexpected to an outfit like mixing fabrics help to add some fall texture. If you build upon what you already have, then you don’t need to buy all new clothes, starting fresh each season. Layering your looks makes an outfit interesting and is what makes dressing for fall so much fun.

What’s on trend for fall 2022 – minimal basics and being simple with your overall look and returning to those classic wardrobe basics. This is a good time to invest high quality classic pieces that you can wear year after year. Working on your style is a constantly evolving process, knowing what looks classy and what doesn’t, only makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Your relationship with your clothing affects the quality of your life because what you wear affects how you feel. Every single piece in your closet should make you free comfortable, confident and empowered. Nothing should be too tight. I want everything in my closet to be a vibe! I feel more confident going into fall as I'm fully on board with the majority of things that are trending.

Fall Colors Trending on Runways

Molten lava rich red - that's a statement color, you will always stand out in red. You just have to find the right shade of red that you like.

Ocean blue - cobalt and cerulean blues

Valentino Barbie Core

Bright fuchsia is a bit strange for fall but is the top most trending color thanks to the Valentino fashion show this year. I see a lot of it at ZARAI mean, how can you resist these shoes? When I got my color analysis done I was told that fuchsia is my color even though it was a color I never wore, not even on nail polish. It was recommended that I could add it to my wardrobe in accessories like earrings, bags and shoes. 

Emerald - Green is back and I'm thrilled about it! It's been on trend for the the last couple years. I'm still trying to make a tonal outfit out of this color. The Bottega fashion show was themed green, no doubt because of their popular green bags: cassette and mini jodieA green bag will add a pop of color to your all black outfits. Here is an alternative aH&M.

Meadow violet as the Pantone color of they year is Very Peri.

Brown tones
The color brown continues to have a moment in the spotlight. Head to toe, neutrals are so versatile and you can create so many different looks. It always looks classic, timeless and sophisticated. I bought more neutral tones in shoes and bags in the last year as I've always been a rainbow brite when it came to my bags.

Try new colors but stick to a 3-color rule with your outfits as it makes sure that colors aren’t competing with each other. Don’t wear too many vibrant colors at once, it always looks off. I’ve focused on neutral colors in the last year which I've never really worn before. Colorful footwear paired with neutral outfits adds a little pop of color that makes your basic outfit more interesting.

Do buy all one color tonal outfits. Wearing bold colors can elevate your mood - it's called dopamine dressing. Monochromatic outfits actually sparks with people around you when you’re dressed in bright colors. The colors in your outfit don’t need to match, you can wear different shade of green together. But be sure to match colors in temperature and saturation (like cobalt and turquoise or light pink and grey). Classic color combinations will never go out of style. Colors that always look expensive are camel and ivory.

Luxe Leather


Faux leather is a great transitional piece. An element of leather makes an outfit more edgy and fashion forward. There are so many vegan leather alternatives these days that will elevate your wardrobe. Leather in brown and off-white creates a really nice spin on the original. Here are a lot of choices for you:

Flare Jeans

Switch out your skinny jeans for a more relaxed style jean which are more on trend and will give your outfit a fresher look. Darker denim wash looks more elevated, elegant and classy. You may add high heels to your jeans as it elongates the leg and gives you a dressier look. Adding a leather belt polishes off the outfit. I loved my skinny jeans which are still classic and aren't going anywhere, but I find that flare jeans look great on my curvy body type, I find them very versatile. Bootcut flare balance out your shoulders and waistline. That's because bootcut matches the width on the top of your body so it’s almost a straight line. Add a puffed shoulder/sleeve tops to balance out your hips and give you more of an hourglass shape.

Remember to tuck in your shirt which adds some shape in the waist area and refines the look. It looks unbalanced to just throw a sweater over jeans, always do a front side tuck if you don't want to do a full tuck. A long sweater over your jeans makes your legs look shorter since you're not cut off in the middle. I buy all my jeans from the Loft or Ann Taylor. They have a curvy style too if you have a pear shape.

Long and loose pants

Super long pants are trending and Zara is full of them! I keep having to go to the tailor to have mine shortened so they don't drag on the ground and get the hems dirty. The oversized and relaxed feeling create a beautiful balance juxtaposition with a tighter top. Wide legs have a lot of movement and flow that makes this silhouette an absolute classic. Everyone raves about the Effortless Pant from Aritzia. Everlane and Reformation have their own versions. 


Corsets and lingerie inspired clothing were big on the fashion runways. Corset are very structured, sleek, fitted and figure conscious. I find it balances with the wide leg pants for a visual juxtaposition. Corsets are not going anywhere, you will be seeing a lot of them and also corset belts are back in. It really accents an hourglass shape with the peplum shape coming out of your waist. Urban Outfitters corset has been on their website for a year as they constantly add new colors. You'll see everyone wearing it on tiktok. Kourtney Kardashian is a big fan or wearing corsets. Here are some other options:

Striped Sweaters

I'm a big lover of striped sweaters! The only patterned sweater that repeatedly comes back every single year and is never dated; so it’s worthy of adding to your closet. They are super classic and timeless and give that Parisian flare. When shopping make sure the lines in the stripes are not too thin. Wider strips flatter more and minimize your frame. If you have a big bust you may want a V neck. A V-neck draws attention to the center of your body creating a slimming affect for your waist, as it creates a flattering angle that tapers towards your waist.


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Zara (I bought this one) 





A blazer is a great classic piece you're going to want to have for fall. They aren't just for the workplace, there is a casual way to wear them on the weekends. Tan is a nice color to pair with blue or white jeans, it's a chic and sophisticated style of look.

Blazer shopping guide
There's so many styles that you should be able to find one for your body shape. My preferences are that the blazer be a high end wool blend, not mostly polyester. I like a lined blazer, with pockets and one button. The sleeves need to go to my wrist and the length of the blazer needs to go to the bottom of my pant zipper. The jacket should cover the majority of my butt, but not much longer. Shoulder seam needs to end at my natural shoulder, not before. My arms should be able to cross comfortably. 

This season it's all about sharp and wide angled blazers. Sharper lapels and eye popping shoulder action. Remember when you wear tops with shoulder pads, it makes your waist look smaller because it creates an hourglass shape illusion. Pay attention to buttons, a single button blazer are good for larger bust and look sleeker. For buttons I like either a tortoise shell buttons or for them to match the color of the jacket. But you can always switch out the buttons, my mom does this all the time. Don't forget to cut the threads on the back of jacket before wearing and open the pockets.

You can go cheap on the blouses but invest in quality suits, not from H&M. Here are some classic style blazers on my wishlist:

Out of Style

What not to wear if you want to look modern for fall 2022 as these are on the way out:
camouflage, peep toe shoes, infinity and blanket scarves, long pendant necklace, sherpa.

I have a rule that if I welcome new pieces into my wardrobe I have to declutter my closet and clear items I no longer wear. I donated some items and put a few pieces on  poshmark

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