Shoe Repair

I wrote a post on 15 Shoe Repair Hacks You Should Know but I've learned something new that I wanted to share. It's good to know tips to care for your favorite shoes so you don't have to buy new ones.  The most important tip from that list is you should own a shoe stretcher

These are my favorite shoes for fall that I've been wearing everyday. Pointy shoes do come with some pitfalls so here are some tips to making them look a little less worn out. 

Tip 1

To keep a pointed toe in shape, I recommend stuffing  half a cotton ball into the tip and leave it there. I don't feel it when I wear the shoe since it's pushed all the way back. What it does is it prevents my shoe tip from bending and causing wrinkles that then make the shoe look worn out. 

Tip 2

Freshen up your leather shoes with a leather dye. You can buy a leather painting kit like this one or that one. The color on the tips of my shoes rubbed off so there was a tiny white circle at the tip. My dentist gives me a toothbrush after every visit but since I use an electric one, I have quite the collection of regular toothbrushes and I used one to paint my shoes. I painted two layers just over the white spot and allowed it to dry in-between. I gave the shoes new life by freshening up the color. 

Tip 3

I put a ball of foot insole in the shoe and that makes the shoe so comfortable that I can walk long distances comfortably. 

Tip 4

I had a cheap pair of $30 riding boots that I had taken to a shoe repair place locally to get the heel fixed and was told it would be $30 to fix. So five years ago when I vacationed in Cancun I bought my boots, heels, and broken sandals to have repaired and it was a fraction of the price! That's a tip to consider when you travel. Bring shoes or clothes that need to be repaired or tailored to the repair shop on the first day of your vacation so they have time to fix it. 

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