2021 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

The Tokyo Olympics were delayed a year because of covid but I couldn't wait to watch it! The opening ceremony aired twice on TV, live early in the morning on Friday and then during primetime, yet viewership was down 37%. There were protestors outside the stadium because they felt it shouldn't have been held considering covid cases are up in Japan. Fans were not allowed in the stands.  Jill Biden flew to Tokyo to cheer on Team USA. Olympic athletes were not allowed to bring their babies if they were breastfeeding and a death and blind swimmer was not allowed to bring her personal care assistant so she had to resign from the games.  

The parade of nations walked into soundtracks from Japanese video games. It lasted four hours and they had to stand for the whole time so the USA Gymnastics team opted not to join in. Here are some of the outfits, the representation was immaculate: 

Team USA in Ralph Lauren. KimK's Skims are the official underwear of the Olympics.

The Japanese Team lead by Washington Wizards player Rui Hachimura who is half Black and half Japanese.






The shirtless Tonga flag barrier covered in coconut oil was back



Tennis Player Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic Cauldron. Even though she has lived in the US since she was 3 years old, she renounced her US citizenship to be on Team Japan. But then she ended up getting eliminated in the third round of the women's single sets at the Olympics. She is the highest earning female athlete  with a net worth of $38 million. Check out her Beverly Hills home. She also has her own Barbie.

Barbie doll inspired by Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan.

I learned that Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini

There's four new sports this year: skateboarding, surfing, karate and sport climbing. 

I will be watching the swimming competition since I was on a swim team as a kid. Interesting enough, table tennis is also a sport. I also like to watch beach volleyball. The Norwegian women's beach handball players were fined for not wearing bikinis. I talked about this on my blog before, I think it's not fair for the men to be able to wear shorts but the women are required to wear bikinis to play. The singer Pink offered to pay their fine. The German women's artistic gymnastics decided to wear full-length unitards taking a stand against their skimpy costumes.

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