2018 Winter Olympics

The United States won 23 medals, only Norway, Canada, and Germany came in ahead of us. I always watch every Olympics, but figure skating is my favorite sport. This year a couple friends of mine threw Olympic themed parties, I don't know why I never thought to do that when I love themed parties! They asked people to come dressed up and bring food from a foreign country. Even though the last Winter Olympics were in Sochi, this year Russia was not allowed to officially compete because of the vast state-sponsored doping scheme during the last winter Olympics. But they allowed a few Russian athletes to compete under the Olympic flag and still two of them were tested positive for banned substances.

Fun Facts: Did you know Puerto Rico has its own Olympics team? And that all the announcements at the Olympics are done in 3 languages, the host country's language, English and French (before English even in the London Olympics).  It's because the International Olympic Committee is based in the French part of Switzerland and because the number of eligible countries determines the order of language spoken. North and South Korea participated as one team. They did the entry parade together than the women’s hockey team was composed of women from both sides and they competed as "Korea".

The U.S. women's ice hockey team beat Canada for gold for the first time in 20 years! The camera caught Canadian hockey player Jocelyne Larocque  ripping off her silver medal a second after it was placed around her neck, she later had to apologize. A year ago the US women's ice hockey team threatened to sit out the Olympics if they didn't get equal pay to the men's team. The men got to bring guests along to tournaments free of charge; the women were not, and had to share rooms. The men got a per diem of $50 while the women got $15.The contract dispute lasted 15 months but they finally won a salary of $70K a year vs the $6000 a year they were getting.

Skier Lindsey Vonn said this was her last Olympics after having waiting 8 years to compete this time around since she was injured during the last Olympics. She said she wanted to honor her grandfather who was a Korean war vet. I recommend reading her book about her life, career and living a healthy lifestyle.
pic from Lindsey's instagram
Figure skater Ashley Wagner unfortunately didn't make the cut to be on the Olympic team this year, but she went to Korea anyway and had the most interesting Instastories everyday.  Adam Rippon was the breakout star on the ice at these games. Just follow him on twitter and see his wit, and know that according to him his eyebrows are sharpest of all. lol

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is the first Olympic Games that allowed figure skaters to perform to music with lyrics.  For the short program the International Skating Union  chose Latin music as the theme and skaters had to show latin dance moves in their skating. It was fun to listen to all the great songs choices they picked! All three of the American female figure skaters fell during their programs and didn't win a medal.

Unfortunately for French figure skater Gabriella Papadakis,  her costume came unhooked at the beginning of her program and she was distracted during the whole skate trying to hold it up, it eventually fell down and she flashed the cameras. Since they don't show the Olympics live, I don't know why they showed this on tv?

Former Olympic skater Johnny Weir was one of the commentators and his outfits and hair were a show of their own! Here is one of his fabulous looks. Check out the hair brooch:

Hakeem Abdul-Saboor, a competitive body builder who competed in the USA bobsled team. But it was Germany and Canada that tied for the gold medal. When the Jamaican bobsled coach was fired she kept the team's sled! Luckily Red Stripe beer got them a new sled just in time. Nigeria had it's first ever bobsled team, although all the women were American born and raised. 

The shirtless Tonga flag barrier was back this year covered in oil in 30F degree weather.

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