Halloween Obsessed

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love dressing up for it! It's so much fun to see what everyone else's creativity brings them. This year I went as Harley Quinn. If you saw the movie Suicide Squad that was Margot Robbie's character. Harley Quinn is a comic book villian and the Joker's girlfriend. She's appears in Batman comic books, video games and animated movies. She's getting her own spin-off movie that Margot Robbie has signed off to play her again.   Pictured on the left is JWoww and on the right is my mom's favorite dancer on Dancing with the Stars - Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Him and his pregnant girlfriend Petra dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn on Good Morning America. Tamra Judge and Lindsey Lohan also were Harley Quinns.

It turned out to be a popular costume at the party I went to but I think my costume was the best! lol I bought a wig but thought it looked too fake so I cut off some of the hairs in put it into my ponytails for color highlights. I didn't have red eyeshadow so I went to CVS and bought blush in the closest color I could find. This was the first year I could wear flats with my costume so I was super comfortable! My choker necklace says PUDDIN. I drew a little heart on my left cheek. A lot of people recognized my costume immediately, I like wearing costumes that are easy to guess.  The bouncer at the club checked my bat to make sure it wasn't real.

The Playboy mansion didn't have their famed halloween party for the first time this year. So instead their offices got decked out in of course completely inappropriate decorations. lol  It included a Playmate graveyard and a table with fake blow on it. The theme was the netflix show Stranger Things. Check out their cubicles below:

Amy Schumer and her boyfriend also dressed up as characters Dustin and Eleven from Stranger Things. I'm reading Amy's book right now and it's hilarious!

CVS was selling Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks and I saw one person at my party wearing it.

Katy Perry went to Kate Hudson's annual Halloween bash dressed up as Hillary Clinton. 

Trump was a popular costume amongst celebs as well. Check out this video of Charlotte Hornet fans dancing with masks on. And another fun clip of Hillary dancing on the Ellen show.

Trumpkins were popular this year too.

Ryan Lochte dressed up as the Mad Hatter and Nina Dobrev dressed up as Ryan Lochte.
KhloeK at the Cleveland Cavaliers Halloween party (her NBA boyfriend has a baby on the way with another woman). She was dressed as Storm, Halle Berry's character and got a lot of heat on social media, some people thought a white girl couldn't play the part. I think her costume looks fantastic! I really need to see that movie because quite a few people have called me Storm walking down the street I guess because I have light hair. One of these years, maybe this will be my costume inspiration.

Molly Sims had an awesome prego costume as a fortune teller. I loved her book and her blog gives lots of great maternity style suggestions.

In the category of sexy men, please feast your eyes on the costumes of Casper Smart and Marc Consuelos.

Scott Eastwood is wearing a cowboy ensemble inspired by his father's movie The Good, The Bad and The
 Ugly. He's the spitting image of his father Clint Eastwood in the poncho and cowboy hat. Scott was also in the movie Suicide Squad.  This reminded me of my Cinco de Mayo costume.

Hillary Duff and her new boyfriend got some serious heat on social media for their costumes and they both apologized.

Russell Simmons went as himself circa 1985

Martha Stewart

One of my favorite shows is Modern Family and here they are from their Halloween episode last week.


 Ne-Yo - must get these spider web tights, anyone know where I can find them?

I loved this Jem & the Holograms costumes! That was my favorite cartoon as a kid, too bad the recent remake movie was a flop. I dressed up as Jem for a Halloween in Vegas a few years ago.

I watch Dancing with the Stars every week! Check out Sharna Burgess' Top Gun costume with her race car driver partner James Hinchcliffe. She injured her knee and last night he had to dance with another partner and their costumes were Harley Quinn and the Joker!

Australian singer Sia was a popular costume this year at the party I went to and on the Ellen show. Ellen dressed as Sia and had Heidi Klum do an interpretive dance. lol Make sure you download her new songs "Cheap Thrills feat Sean Paul" and "The Greatest feat. Kendrick Lamar". Kelly Clarkson and GMA host Amy Robach dressed as Sia as well.

Today show hosts as Baby Spice, Pretty Woman and Urkel

Beyonce copied my idea from last year- Salt N Pepa. 
The Talk's Sheryl Underwood went as Little Richard
Scrolling through facebook check out what my male friends dressed up as. Remember the meme Ellen created of Jamaican runner Usain Bolt? If not click here.

 I'm so impressed he went on etsy and got these realistic looking medals!

Do The Right Thing movie

Issac Hayes

Four guys as the Golden Girls - my mother and I both love this show!

Carrie Bradshaw

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  1. Whoa! Those are serious Halloween costumes. Some of these I would have loved to see in person. The bloody nurse, for example. (shiver)

  2. Those are awesome costumes! It looks like you had a blast!!

  3. Those guys are pretty serious about their dressing up. I really like the little one dressed up!

  4. Those are some legit Halloween costumes! Every year I think I'll get it together and create a really epic costume and then I end up creating some type of DIY costume at the last minute lol

  5. I love the Golden Girls show, too! All these are cute costumes. It's always fun to see how creative people get with their costumes.

  6. Halloween is seriously so much fun. I loved seeing all of these celebrity costumes! So funny!

  7. Love all these costumes which gives me a few ideas :) I'm trying to decide on a couples costume for next year lol because we are finally going to dress up and go out as a group!

  8. Ahh I love all the costumes! We had so many funny ones come to our house! Trump was our favorite because he even acted like him! Halloween is so much fun!

  9. I always love to look at all the amazing costumes. I never dress up myself, but I do think it is fun to see everyone else doing it!

  10. haha I love these! I always love seeing what everyone comes up with, I love the Bolt costume, so realistic! I can't wait to see the Harley Quinn movie, I loved her in Suicide Squad!

  11. Hahaha loving all the costumes! I have been to the playboy mansion many times on Halloween (former bunny lol) so it's sad to hear they didn't do a party this year at the mansion!

  12. I love seeing the creative costumes that others come up with for Halloween. I don't really dress up myself but I like seeing all the young people dressed up in my neighborhood.

  13. I love seeing Halloween costumes, especially on celebrities. I also love the idea you had to cut the wig and use it as extensions! SO smart and I will totally be doing that next year!

  14. How fun is this? I used to read entertainment magazines but I never have time to anymore. So this is fun to catch up on.

  15. This is why I love Halloween! Seeing all the costumes! They're all so fun, love the costumes of your friends especially that Carrie Bradshaw. Totally awesome!

  16. I love Jem and the Holograms too! I had no idea the movie came out. There were some great costumes in there!

  17. These are great! My husband and I dressed up as Trump and Hillary too. Everyone was shocked when we walked in!

  18. My best friend went as Harley Quinn too...it was definitely the #1 woman Halloween costume this year! The celebs went out per usual. I love Beyonce's Salt and Pepper and you looked cute from your version. Did you see what Heidi Klum did this year? She was cloned 5x!

  19. Haha I really enjoyed going through your post and seeing all the different costumes celebs wore! So fun! Harley Quinn was certainly a popular choice this year! I think you definitely did a great job portraying her!

  20. This party looks like it was a lot of fun. I love that you shared all of the different costumes with us. I don't dress up but these people did it up!

  21. We saw a lot of the Harley Quinn costume while we were out this year. You did a great job in your outfit.

  22. Omgosh all of these costumes are amazing but I love the Donald and Hilary one hahah! Thanks for the share and laugh, my dear.