Autumn Mustard

The LOFT already has their fall line up and the color theme is Mustard. Even though they had a sale this weekend I didn't buy anything because I'm sticking to my 31 Day Closet Challenge. From left to right here's what I tried on:

Autumn Blossom Pencil Skirt - is very form fitting but super pretty!

Tiny Floral Piped Shirtdress - there's a reason it's called tiny! I'm 5'6 and this dress is too short for the office. Also it's a very thin material so it shows every bulge you have underneath.

Floral Bud Utility Blouse - I'm definitely getting this!

Easy Tee - It's a very loose and too long.

Autumn Bloom Cotton Cardigan - I love the pattern and color but not sure how much wear I would get out of it?

I was surprised to find pretty multi-colored Mirrored Aviator Style Sunglasses. The website picture doesn't do it justice.

A matching Autumn Blossom Scarf. With my blonde hair I'm a sucker for yellow scarves.

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