Sunburn Relief

When I was in Santa Monica I forgot to wear sunblock and went for a 2 hour bike ride. I didn't think it was a big deal since it was only 70 degrees and breezy but my face and arms ended up red as a lobster and my skin seemed to have acquired its own heart beat that evening.  This really surprised me because it was cool out and  I tan easily. After that I had to use makeup to hide my sunglasses outline on my face.

To help make things easier I treated my arms immediately with Aloe Vera gel and my face with coconut oil. Then I made sure to consume foods that would give me beautiful skin from the inside: cucumbers, radishes, hemp seeds, coconut oil. avocado and arugula. I've never eaten radishes before and found them actually to be a bit spicy. But radishes are a wonderful rejuvenating food for our body as it's high in sulfur, silicon and Vitamin C. The water in radishes help to maintain healthy moisture levels in the skin and decreases excess heat in the body. It's a rejuvenating food in helping in  repair better cell production and keeping your skin glowing.
Arugula is high in Vitamin A and sulfur and helps to alkalize your body. I talked about the benefits of alkalizing foods in this post. Vitamin A in greens help protect you from skin cancer. Cucumbers are high in silicon and cleanse your body.

Two weeks later my skin started to peel so I went to my trusted Clarins After Sun Moisturizer that I've been using since high school.  At night I used the H20 Night Oasis which is made of cucumber and seaweed. During the day I rotated between the Malin & Goetz and the Pur-Lisse which are Vitamin E moisturizers. Since I have oily skin I typically only use moisturizers in the winter time, but I found these products prevented my skin from over producing oil from being dried out and my skin stayed clear. I also recently bought myself a new mineral matte sunblock for my face.

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