Vegetarian in LA

matcha green tea latte
I was really excited to work my way through all the vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles however I was overwhelmed (as a good problem) by how many options there were. It's described as a "haven for privileged eaters and folks with pricky diets and the trim and healthy." I can only eat but so many meals and did end up going back to some places twice to try other things on the menu but still there's more places I want to go to! Whenever I travel I always make it a point to find the vegetarian restaurants in town, I find it gives me local flavor without meat. (See my post about Spain.) So at the LA spots I went to I often had tacos since California is known for its authentic Mexican, so this was my version of California Comfort Food. As you can see from these pics, vegetarian food is not boring! The places I went to had really innovative, complex menus with amazing flavor.

It was just so excited to go to a restaurant and not just have to point to the one vegetarian dish on the menu but be overwhelmed with so many choices. Getting vegetarian protein in my dishes meant I was truly felt full after eating,  I often didn't finish my plate because these were huge serving sizes. I loved being able to fuel myself with nutritious high protein meals. You can read my trip recap here and here. If you go to LA make sure you check out Native FoodsVeggie Grill, and Real Food Daily they each have multiple thriving locations and RFD is even in at LAX airport.

Kale salad with "chicken" and papaya dressing

Egg white tacos with guacamole for breakfast

Tempeh Tacos with cashew cheese and kale and cucumber lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Blackened "chicken" wrap

Veggies, kale, super grains, cannellini beans, hemp seeds, curry sauce

Baja "Fish" Tacos

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