April Highlights

They say one of the traits of happy people is keeping a gratitude journal so I wanted to write down here for me the highlights from the month of April.

Fashion for Paws - a fundraising event for the Humane Society where they have a doggie runway show. I got to wear this dress that Brooklyn Decker wore by the same designer:

Cherry Blossom Festival - opening night with fireworks on the riverfront with lighted koi boats and floating lanterns.

Started running again in preparation for the Color in Motion Race.

Went to a couple comedy shows, which I think is always good for the soul to spend time laughing.

Read a couple enriching books that I talked about in this post and this post.

Started my weekly yoga practice up again after a two month hiatus and boy does it feel good. I even took a headstand workshop to improve my practice! Did you know that practicing head stand flushes nutrients and oxygen to your face, creating a glowing effect on your skin. It increases your blood flow to your all of your glands, alleviates pressure on the heart,  stimulates digestion, calm the brain, reduce stress and mild depression, and be therapeutic for insomnia due to the soothing effect of the pose on the nerves. It engages all of your ab muscles and strengthens your arms and shoulders. Keeping with the yoga theme I watched two very interesting yoga related movies Kumare and Enlighten Up! 

Attended a weekly game night party where we played things like Pictionary, Apple to Apples, Scrabble,  and Life.

I'm enjoying planning my summer vacation.

Finally got some long awaited new reggae tunes.

I changed my cell phone case 3 times. lol

I always try to watch the top nominated Oscar films and the one I was dragging my feet to see was 12 Years as a Slave, I thought it would be too hard to watch, but I truly learned a lot about the history of slavery from the movie. I highly recommend everyone watch this film.

Next month I'm going to my first baseball game!

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