Color in Motion 5K Recap

This weekend was full of fun events with family, friends, comedy, food, and some running… all my favorite things!  The weekend started off bright and early on a chilly Saturday morning. I was worried about running in 60F degree weather but it turned out to be the perfect temperature. I took up running again a week ago and realized it's time already for new running shoes. What's I've learned through running is that I don't always want to do it, but when I do, I am so happy that I have. I feel better and know that I am mixing things up for my body and going to get better results from it. My thighs and abs were so sore the first two times I ran so I know it's working!

My first color run was the Color Me Rad race so I was curious to see how these two compare! If you don't know what a Color Run is it's a 5K race (3.1 miles) where you run through color stations where you are bombarded with blasts of color as you go along the course. The color is colored cornstarch and this idea came comes from the Holi holiday in India.

Everyone was given a packet of color and  before the race we threw them at each other and random strangers if we had a color they didn't have. It was so much fun!! Luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to pick up our race packets the night before so we didn't have to stand in the enormous line to pick one up the day of the race. 

The run itself was a bit challenging for me this time but having a running partner really pushed me to run the whole thing. Waiting to get the water station at the middle of the run was the hardest part. I ended the race totally covered in color and a blue tongue!  For my next race I definitely need to wear a fun costume! I saw so many people in tutus! The race was family friendly lots of kids and strollers. In fact one 6 year old was running faster than me and that pushed me to pick up speed! lol

Be sure to bring a t-shirt to change into and baby wipes to clean up with so you don't get your car dirty afterwards. If you're a blonde like me, be sure to put olive oil in your hair before the race which will allow the color to come out easily. I've never put olive oil in my hair before and was worried I would look like a greasy shiny mess. But it absorbed so fast immediately after putting it on I couldn't even tell I had put any on so I did a second coat just to be sure I didn't miss a spot. lol Some women wore bandannas. 
My Flipbelt was incredibly useful, you need one! 

The Color in Motion 5K is certainly a great race for anyone who has never run a 5K before, wants to take it slow, or is just looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday. However I was disappointed that there was nothing at the finish line besides water. Every other race I've done had granola bars or some kind of snack because you're famished! Plus there were no fun backdrops for photo opts. In conclusion, if you want to do a color run, don't do Color in Motion, pick another one. Color in Motion was pretty bare bones. 

Since this is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon tragedy Adidas is selling a line of clothing to support a charity that helps the victims. Natalie Morales is wearing the whole line in this pic, I think the orange is really pretty! 

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