Washing workout clothes

If you're spending good money on your workout clothes by shopping at lululemon, I'm sure you want your clothes to last! With seeing so many women at the gym with sheer pant backs when they bend over, I make a point to never put my workout pants in the dryer. I hang them up to dry in my shower and they dry pretty fast within a day. I wash all my laundry in cold water to save energy and research has shown it still gets perfectly clean. I use Tide Cold Water detergent which is specially formulated to be used with cold water. I've been loyal to Tide my whole life, even my mother used it because it's always been supreme at the top of Consumer Reports list for best detergent, that's the only reason I haven't switched to "green" detergents when the rest of my cleaning supplies are. I also only use half the detergent recommended to save money because I've read that you only need half a cap to get your clothes clean. Washing machines are more efficient these days, detergents are more concentrated, the company just wanted you to have to buy a new bottle faster. I don't use fabric softeners and dry sheets because the chemicals aren't good for you. I use dryer balls instead to reduce the static electricity and decrease my drying time.  I did find a product I liked that makes your sheets and towels smell so good!

While we're talking about workout clothes,  I've been waiting to find red workout clothes for awhile and lululemon just came out with the color "Love Red". In person it's very vibrant, almost neon with an orange hint to it. I got the backless one.


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