The Nail Files: 5 Summer Pinks

Everyone has different rules for what colors they like to wear. My mom wears shimmer white opal nail polish year round. My friend likes to wear brights in the summer. In the summertime I like to wear light pinks/nude shades on my nails because I think it looks nice with my tanned skin and opaque so I don't have to do a lot of coats. The secret to the look is finding the nude color that perfectly compliments your skin tone. These are my favorites from my collection, with Amanda (first bottle) being my favorite since it's a beige pink. Click the bottles below for links to each color.

On my toes I have on pale purple Zoya Heather. It's a bit sheer though, had to do several coats. I'm wearing the sandals I told you about in this post. Stella McCarthy designed a similar jeweled sandal but much more expensive so I thought this was a real steal!

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