Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain

The first time I saw Kevin Hart was in the movie Think Like a Man, which was awesome by the way. His new movie Let Me Explain is a live stand up comedy show filmed in Madison Square Garden which in itself is a huge accomplishment for a comedian. It's a box office hit because "it had an exceptional start for a movie in so few theaters that cost just $2.5 million to produce -- money which Hart put up himself." I didn' t realize what a hot ticket comic Kevin Hart was and that he had fans around the world!  The movie shows him doing shows in Europe! If you look at the number of fans he has on twitter and facebook and the number of movies he's been in (always in a supporting role) he really is a big star, though not really recognized by Hollywood as one.  I looked up how tall he was because next to his team in the movie he seemed so short, didn't realize he was 5'2. The movie also shows clips of his TMZ entries so he doesn't mind laughing at himself. 

His movie had me crying tears of laughter, it was non-stop laughs! I highly recommend seeing it! I'll spoil what the above picture is about. One of his jokes is that he enjoyed the single life until he would call up his boys and everyone was too busy to go out because they were with their ladies. One guy said "sorry, tonight is Cupcake Tuesday, every Tuesday my lady and I bake cupcakes, tonight is red velvet." lol
Kevin Hart On His Writing Process All comedians have different approaches to building a standup act. Kevin Hart’s is, by his own admission, “weird.” “This is gonna sound crazy,” he says. “I don’t write. I go onstage and I talk, and I remember what I’m saying, and I track it. I literally have my two writer’s assistants who stand with their notepads while I’m onstage and jot down the funny beat points. And every time I go off the stage I say, ‘Where are the beats?’ They tell me, and I go back, and I just keep doing it. It becomes repetitive. I do it over and over again. Then I look up, and I’ve built 15 minutes.”Hart goes about adding 7- to 15-minute segments, each building on an element of the one prior, until he has an hour of material. But having the hour doesn’t mean the act is ready to be filmed for a special. “It’s your special; you don’t want to have a lapse,” he says. “That’s why you go and you do 70 cities, and before you go to those cities you do 25 cities of comedy clubs. Before you go to those cities you do three months in New York. You have a system, and once that system works and is in position, it’s not going to fail you.” 

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