The Perfect Afternoon Snack

Yes there really is such a thing! Are you sick of snacks that leave you hungry 30 minutes later? When you're at your desk at work do you feel an afternoon slump when you lack energy and crave something to eat? You want to choose healthy afternoon snacks that leave you feeling satisfied and energized—not hungrier and sleepier! Incorporate these elements into your afternoon snack to find your perfect fuel.

Pick a powerful snack that packs a protein punch to help you avoid that nap your usual bag of pretzels induces. Protein is slowly digested in your stomach, so will keep you fuller, for longer. Shaekology will cure your craving for sweets, while giving you a healthy dose of protein. It also has a fantastic amount of fiber which helps to normalize your blood sugar response, improve digestion and can even help with healthy blood cholesterol management. Active adults should aim for at least 23 grams of fiber per day.

I’m passionate about health and food quality and used to buy many of the ingredients in shakeology separately, so when I first saw shakeology I was completely impressed with the ingredient list and the fact that it had no artificial ingredients and sweeteners! I drank it for a year as a loyal customer, before I decided to become a coach. Because the shake has all the nutrients I had studied extensively, I feel people have to know about this product! Shakeology is not some protein shake, it’s a nutrient bomb in a glass. 

I just started the new vanilla flavor last week and have written down so many recipes I want to try, the combinations are endless! During the week I mix it in my blender in the morning and take it to work in my blenderbottle. 
I had a work conference out of town last week so I put a scoop in a ziploc bag to take with me for a healthy afternoon snack (you can also buy a box of individual serving packets but I get the big bag). It easily mixed in a glass of water and while I did that my boss was sitting next to me and remarked on how good it smelled, just like cake batter! Here I mixed it with hazelnut milk and one tablespoon of Trader Joe Sunflower Butter and OMG it is rich, decadent and delicious!

When your body doesn't get adequate amount of nutrients, your body reacts by being tired, but most people don’t get that many vitamins on a good day. If you’re dieting, you can’t cut calories without cutting the volume of nutrients, that’s why you’re hungry and irritable on a diet and quit two weeks in and go back and gain the weight back. It’s frustrating because you don’t feel great, you need something that provides you all your vitamins and be low in calories, gives your body what it needs to feel better, fuel it, and have energy.

From shakeology your body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs for the entire day because its equivalent to five plates of salad! It’s a whole food delivery system that your body will absorb, not to mention superfoods, especially when you’re trying to diet, you’ll have more energy to exercise! If losing weight is 80% diet, why would you not do the one thing your body needs the most? Weight loss is a by-product of dense nutrition, and shakeology is a major factor in making that process easier! Add a few more clean calories to the shake like fruit, and you can customize the flavor daily to keep it different. You have to fueling your body to get the results you want, not work against yourself. Using shakeology as a tool is a natural way to lose weight and be healthy.

You can also make a pina colada out of vanilla shakeology by mixing it with coconut milk and fresh    pineapple. I added a little coconut oil and coconut water ice cubes. I brought that to work yesterday for my afternoon snack, and not only was it refreshing it gave me the energy I needed!

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