Who wants ice cream?!

I do! I was in the mood for some peach ice cream, but Ben & Jerry's 1/2 cup (106g) serving size is 220 calories, 100 calories of fat, 26 grams of sugar!

So instead I reached for these two boxes to do a comparison. Their ingredient lists start off the same: skim milk, sugar, peaches, egg yolks....except the Weight Watchers also has whey protein in it and the yoplait has apricot juice in it. The difference is the yoplait bar is half the size of the weight watchers bar, but they say a serving is 2 bars, but realistically you're only going eat one bar at a time so you can just cut the calories in half!

                              Weight Watchers                               Yoplait
                              $5.99  on sale for $3.68                       $4.99 on sale for $2.99
                              6 bars, 1 bar is a serving (65g)             10 bars, 2 bars is a serving (79g)
                              80 cal per serving, 5 cal from fat           120 cal per serving, 20 cal from fat
                              13g sugar                                            19g sugar

How do they taste?
The Yoplait bar was light orange in color and tasted like blended artificially flavored peach yogurt with a weird maple syrup after taste to it. The Weight Watchers bar was white and tasted like delicious creamy vanilla ice cream with a very light hint of peach flavor.

Last summer the Today Show did an interesting segment titled "Can you believe diet frozen dessert labels? Tests show that some products have up to 68 percent more calories than labels promise." Turns out Weight Watchers bars and Arctic Zero (protein) ice cream had more calories than their labels advertised, but Skinny Cow bars had less. They can get away with this because the industry allows a percentage of error and the companies do their measurements based on averages of containers.

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