Positive Affirmations for a Healthy, Happy Life

Brian Tracy is one of my favorite authors and motivational speakers. He wrote this amazing best selling  book called Eat That Frog which provides the 21 most effective methods for conquering procrastination and accomplishing more. It's a short and fast read at only 128 pages but very concise. It's a small book so it easily fits into your purse to read whenever you're waiting for the train. Even if you don't think you have a procrastination problem, it just gives you the steps to be more organized in your life and helpful in achieving your goals. The meaning behind the title of the book is that if you have a to do list and do your hardest task first, that will give you the most satisfaction for the day because your biggest challenge is out of the way.

On the topic of being more organized with your time and life I want you to challenge the negative thoughts in your life that are holding you back. Are you your best supporter or do your knock yourself down? You should try to reduce the time you are exposed to negativity and negative people and stop putting yourself down and associate with people who push you to do more, who see great things in you and are the type of friends that want other people to succeed.

We can bring this full circle by applying it to your fitness goals, every bite of food you put in your mouth and every minute of your workout is either bringing you closer to reaching your ultimate goal or pushing you further away. What do you choose?  Affirm that anything you desire is possible, and it will BE possible!  

Do you still doubt yourself and what you can achieve? How are you talking to yourself, are you telling yourself that you can do this or are you starting to doubt that you will ever change? Whatever it is, you MUST stop those thoughts dead in their tracks!  Be honest with yourself and challenge your inner negative voice to hit the road!

Brian Tracy says:
Your ability to stay positive and maintain positive thoughts determines the tone of your emotional life. The words you use to describe what is happening to you, and to discuss how you feel about external events, trigger the emotions of happiness or unhappiness you experience. When you see things positively and constructively and look for the good in each situation and each person, you have a tendency to remain naturally cheerful and optimistic.
  1. Resolve in advance that, no matter what happens, you will not allow it to get you down. 
  2. Neutralize any negative thoughts or emotions by developing positive thoughts all the time. Repeat positive affirmations such as, "I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific!" As you go about your job, say to yourself, "I like myself and I love my work!" Say things like, "Today is a great day; it’s wonderful to be alive!"
  3. Third, look upon the inevitable setbacks that you face as being temporary, specific and external and stay positive. Look upon the negative situation as a single event that is not indicative or connected with other potential events and which is largely caused by external factors over which you can have little control. Simply refuse to see the event as being in any way permanent, pervasive or a personal slight on your own competence or ability and maintain your positive thoughts as you move forward.
  4. Remember that it’s impossible to learn and grow and become a success without the inevitable adversities and difficulties you must contend with and rise above in order to become a better person. So, welcome each difficulty by saying, "That’s good!" and then look into the situation to find the something good or beneficial that it contains in order to stay positive. 
  5. Keep your thoughts on your goals and dreams, and on the person you're working toward becoming and the things that you are striving for. When things go wrong temporarily, respond by saying to yourself, "I believe in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life." Resolve to be cheerful and pleasant and use every temptation to respond negatively as an opportunity to grow stronger by using positive affirmations and talking to yourself and others, in a positive and optimistic way.
He set up a 30 Day Affirmation Challenge, so I thought what better day to start than May 1!

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