Top 5 Best Travel Pillows

I want to talk to you about my favorite travel pillows that will help you get more comfortable and hopefully fall sleep on your next flight. These innovative pillows are better than the old U-shaped travel pillow! All five products are available on amazon; however the turtle and the bcozzy have overwhelmingly the most reviews. These first class travel pillows will make your long haul flights in economy more doable. When sitting for a long period of time on a plane you want to have the best support and comfort. These premium travel pillows each have their own strength. Choosing the right travel pillow for you will be a personal decision. For me, I only use travel pillows for 4+ hours of travel. In choosing a pillow you want to think about functionality, so for long haul flights you want to  ensure that the pillow doesn't move when you move, for instance when you're not in a window seat. Look for ones that will stay anchored to your body or seat that will be good for sleep. 
Here are my top 5 pillow recommendations, they are ordered from the bottom picture to the top left picture. 

Ostrich pillow Go Neck Pillow. My latest purchase. Go's 360° ergonomic design offers full neck support to maintain proper spinal posture and prevent neck and back pain. The adjustable velcro brand closure in the front offers a customized fit. The company says the memory foam compresses to 60% of its size when stored in the included travel bag but that's hard to do so it could potentially take up a lot of space in your suitcase during your trip. The fabric is machine washable. 

BCOZZY Provides support to your neck and chin with its ergonomic double overlap shape with velcro closure. It has a hook so you can attach it to your carry-on bag. It comes in three sizes for kids and those with larger necks and in a bunch of colors. It has double support as its adjustable so you can turn it in the direction in which you sleep. Unlike other pillows, it has a flat back design. So for instance, you can move the stacked part to your shoulder if you sleep to your side. The fabric is machine washable.

trtl pillow I bought this in 2019 and the price has gone up a bit. The turtle pillow has a hard plastic frame for internal support for your neck so you can sleep anywhere. I was really surprised by it's innovative design but also get intimidated to grab for it when I haven't used it in a year.  It's designed to look like a scarf so you simply wrap it around your neck and adjust to get the best fit.  Overall this is very compact and light to travel with. It's great if you're stuck in a middle seat and no where to lean on because it's all about keeping your neck supported with the internal plastic support structure.  The fabric is machine washable.

J-Pillow I bought this in 2019 for window seats on bus rides to NYC. The price has gone up a bit since I purchased. I did find it a bit hot so not for use if you're on a hot plane without an individual a/c control. They have upgraded the design in 2020. The J shape is designed to support the head and neck and positioned underneath your chin to prevent your head from moving forward. It has a plush stuffed animal feel to it so super cozy and perfect for a flight. You definitely need a window to lean on to get the full support from this pillow. From this list, it is a great affordable option  The fabric is machine washable.

Cabeau Evolution S3 While this looks like your standard U pillow, it has raised sides, a slim flattened back and a strap in the back. You attach the strap to the headrest of your plane seat and snap it close which will then allow it to eliminate head drop and neck strain. The high sides supports the back and neck so you can sink into either side and it keeps your head in one place. It has a tiny pocket on the side for AirPods. The fabric is machine washable.  

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