My 400th Peloton ride!


I wrote a review of everything you need to know about Peloton in this post, so now I want to update you after taking 400 rides, although this photo was taken when I marked the 200-ride milestone. I've been working from home for three years now and my 12pm ride has been a regular part of my day since I got my bike. Last year I logged 8K miles! Exercise improves mood, and health is wealth! Research has proven that exercise makes for younger looking skin as it increases blood flow and that helps with improving skin tone so you look more youthful and drains fluid so you look less puffy. Exercise also helps to lower the effects of stress and helps you sleep better.   I love the joy of movement. I've always had a good relationship with exercise and enjoy it. I  crave my peloton rides and look forward to it every day.  The serotonin we get from moving our bodies is absolutely amazing.  I make exercise non-negotiable and work out 5x a week at home and on Saturdays do something outside like a long walk to the grocery store and/or a virtual zumba class. 

Riding the peloton doesn't feel like work because I select my classes based on the playlist. Yes, they list every song that will be played in a class if I don't like 8 out of 10 I won't take the class. The classes all have music themes like 80s, dance music, dancehall, pop music, tropical house, hip-hop, 2010s, Motown, gospel, classical, merengue or rock. They also do many artists series were the whole class is one artist, they did that when Whitney Houston’s movie came and when Taylor Swift released her new album. There was a Lunar New Year ride with only AAPI artists. `They also have a Broadway series where they have classes with all the songs from one show.   When I hop on the bike it’s like going to a club to dance to songs you love.

I'm cycle game for life, I'm obsessed! It's a really fun workout for me. Peloton has two studios, one in NYC and London where you can now join their live classes in person although spots are hard to come by. They also offer classes in Spanish and German. My favorite instructors are Tunde and Ben. I never get bored because they post new classes daily. They also have scenic rides in European cities. For Halloween the instructors dress up in class and in December they play  Christmas music in their classes. There’s a NYE ride that has a countdown in it.  Occasionally they have guest stars like Mariah Carey popped in a class for a minute, Lizzo rode and sang in a class, and T-Pain rapped during a class.

Cost: The cost of the bike has gone up and down in the past 3 years, I looked up current price is  $1,445 and financing is 0% APR with $0 down. In addition to that, the monthly membership cost is $46.64 a month. My employer reimburses me $35 a month for fitness costs. They offer a free 30-day trial so you can check out the app. All the strength, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and meditation classes are available on the app so you don't need the bike for that. I have one friend who bought a cheaper bike and put an ipad on it to take peloton classes. Just the app is cheaper. With a Roku, you can open the peloton app on your TV. 

I got a great tip once that you should wash your hair before your ride, then ride with the conditioner in your hair and a plastic cap over it. When you sweat your head gets hot and creates for a hot steam for a deep conditioner. You can create your perfect workout by stacking classes. Stacked classes allow you to queue up a playlist of Peloton classes and the app seamlessly transitions from one class in your Stack to the next. This is the stack I did today:

I typically lift weights for 30 minutes then ride for 30 minutes. But if on the rare occasion I don't lift weights then I will ride for 45 minutes. Sometimes I will build a daily stack workout from the strength classes peloton offers, here's an example of one daily workout I did. 

I only wear lululemon Aligns to workout in. I used to always buy new workout clothes but now that I workout from home, I buy a lot less and I can tell you that my align leggings last years! sale colors
The bike can be used with either cycling shoes or regular sneakers. You can use earphones or just blast the music from the monitor. You can also turn down the instructor's voice and turn up the music. For my strength training I wear these shoes in the teal color, but I'm eyeing the misty purple! 

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