Cruise Packing Tips

I just got back from my 9th cruise so I've compiled a helpful packing list.

  • Irons and steamers are not allowed on cruise ships so pick up a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser
  • Highlighter pen - every night in your room you will find a printed program for the next day.
  • Refillable insulated water bottle to fill up with free water to take ashore with you that stays cold
  • Beach Chair Towel Clips - to hold your beach towel up on the beach chair
  • Packing cubes - this is how I pack
  • Seasickness relief - prescription behind your ear patch, Seaband pressure bracelet, Bonine or Dramamine
  • Hat - so important! Caribbean sun is so strong and you want to protect your forehead skin from premature wrinkles so you should be wearing a hat everyday
  • Nail file - I always forget to pack this and it seems like only on vacation do I have a nail emergency lol
  • Sticky Notes - to leave in your cabin for your travel companion to say where you are
  • Disinfecting wipes -  wipe down in your cabin the remote control, door knobs and light switches
  • Plastic bag - to bring home a wet swimsuit
  • Travel Scarf - to hide your valuables when you travel
  • Waterproof fanny pack - this is the best invention ever! You can go swimming with your phone if it's not waterproof
  • Travel Safe
  • Portable Phone Charger
  • Sunglasses, bandaids, sunblock, aloe for sunburn, large beach bag and flipflops
  • Royal Caribbean allows guests to bring one bottle wine per person when you first board the ship, so pick up a bottle from a liquor store in Miami and throw it in your suitcase.
  • Luggage tags - Cruise lines now make you print out your own luggage tag and staple it to your bag handle at home. Here's a plastic alternative you can purchase:

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