The Best Summer Beauty Essentials

Have you been in a beauty rut the last couple years? Maybe you haven't been keeping up with the latest trends since you're wearing less makeup these days.  Here are some new products to try to be excited about as these are my most loved products. When you change your clothes for the summer, you should also edit your skincare products. You're going to wear less makeup in the summer, because the look now is bare bronzed sunkissed glowy skin. I bet these products will become part of your summer beauty routine and create an effortless look.

Last year I posted my summer skincare essentials, I wanted to share that I'm still using the same cleanser but a new bottle and still making my way through the same bottle of toner pictured even though I use it every single morning. This post has my favorite sunscreen and I'm super excited that Glowscreen now comes in a tan color! I've also been wearing my lighter perfumes for summer. 


If you're like me and do not want to wear foundation, or you want superlight coverage for the summer, I recommend these two products because you can't wear just undereye concealer and no other makeup. lol 

I wear shade 80, it's very lightweight and blurs your skin and looks like a filter on your skin. Made with Squalane for hydration, it's super luminous and dewy. You won't get any coverage, it's not a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. What you get is a subtle pigment that balances out the skin tone and gives you a glow.

I have the shade sunglow and I mix it with the Rose Inc skin tint. It's a light weight glowy luminizer that you can wear  alone or under  foundation. Perfect if you want a healthy glow without looking sparkly. 

Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Bronzer color: Seychelles

I don't want my face to look one dimensional. Seychelles is a cool tone, so when I swatched it on my hand and compared to other bronzers in the store it almost looked like a taupe, it was not an orangy brown.  The Seychelles is the lightest color in their bronzer collection yet still works for my tan skin. It also comes in a mini size which is a good option if you feel you don't really finish products. I use my fingers to apply but you can also apply it with a brush. I love it, the color looks amazing on me! It's matte, it gives me a really nice contour, as it's not as dark as a bronzer on me. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish color: Give Me Sun! (light summer peach tan)

A baked powder that provides sheer coverage with a dimensional yet natural finish. I use this as a blush/bronzer as it gives the most beautiful ginger peach color. This is not actually a bronzing powder, it's a face setting powder. Here's a tip for you,  instead of a blush/bronzer which typically only has a handful of shades go for a face powder because there's going to be way more color variety so you're likely to find something that looks more natural on you. Face powders aren't going to be as pigmented so it's easier to get a natural diffused buildable look, especially with the mineralized touch. 

Nars The Multiple Cream Blush, Lip and Eye Stick color: apricot

This product has been around for 10 years but I just noticed it on a recent visit to Sephora. You can use it all over your face but I use it as a highlighter. See I've been using pearl colored highlighters that always made my face look too highlighted, now I have the perfect shade for my skin tone to have a natural glow. It does come in 5 shades, one the traditional opal color and the other three are shades of pink.


Youtubers have been raving about these three products in the past couple years so I bought them when you couldn't even touch anything in the store at Sephora. 

Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer color: Fenty Glow - shimmering rose nude

A super shiny lip gloss with sheer coverage that has shea butter in it. It's so gorgeous over nude lipstick. It has a delicious peach-vanilla scent.

Fenty Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick color: Cookies & Cocoa - cocoa berry

This sheer lipstick comes in a range of 10 nude colors to shimmer pops. It goes on smoothly like a cream lipstick but has the payoff of a gloss without the stickiness. It barely feels like anything is on as it creates a really pretty color yet is super natural. It has pomegranate butter to condition and moisturize your lips.  Essentially it's a tinted lip balm and perfect for zoom meetings where you want to add some natural color to your lips but don't want to look too made up sitting at home. 

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil color: chocolate

Lip oils are trending right now in the world of beauty and this one is my favorite. This hydrates your lips with jojoba oil while giving mirror like shine. It smells like bubblegum.

I have the shade Starwoman which is a vivid blue red. It's a matte liquid lip that lasts all day, well a little comes off if you drink something, but overall it does feel like a lip stain and smudge proof. 
When I'm wearing a plain basic outfit then I do something bright with my lip to add more color.  It's a great distraction in that it draws attention away from any other part of you, you want to hide. Red lipstick commands more attention, energy and elevates your look. It pairs best with a face that has minimal makeup on so the lips are the focus. 


Arches & Halos Angled Brow Shading Pencil color: Neutral Brown

I found a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz that is half the price! 

I swear by my makeup eraser cloth for easy removal of makeup! 


Self-tanner for my legs. My arms already have a tan but my legs are so pale! 

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