Fit Summer Bucket List

I love making lists from to-do lists, seasonal bucket lists, vacation bucket lists, blogging goals, style goals and grocery lists.  You can see my previous summer bucket lists here and here. At the beginning of the year, I posted my list of goals which included some fitness goals. This summer I decided to do something a bit different and create a fitness bucket list to help keep me motivated and to create a sense of accomplishment when I’ve achieved them. I’ve set up a few new challenges this season to mix things up for my body. The first half of this year I pretty much had the same routine rotating between Orangetheory with at-home fitness dvds, but at least no two classes at Orangetheory are the same.

This summer I signed up for Dancetrance 3x a week which is so much fun! See I used to do Zumba, but didn’t always like or know many of the songs. Dancetrance is a cardio dance class set to popular pop and rap songs. As an avid Dancing with the Stars watcher, I think it’s fun to learn all these dance moves and feel like a backup dancer in a Beyonce video!  I’m adding some barre classes to the mix as well. My company offers on-site yoga classes so I'm doing that once a week as well. On the weekends, I have some hikes and bike rides planned. I bought an exercise ball and have set a goal to do crunches on it daily.  Just getting it out the box and pumping it full of air was the hardest part. lol

I also want to exercise my feet since I’m always having off and on foot pain. I heard that just walking barefoot on the beach is one of the best exercises you can do for your feet to strengthen them. I also made an appointment for a foot massage/reflexology and acupressure. I've been getting facials every other month but neglecting my feet.

Since I know weight loss is 80% diet I’ve made a commitment to drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie every day this summer as a snack. I’ve got a few recipe variations so it won’t always be the same. I really like the GGS because I make it in batches of 3 and it stays fresh in my fridge over those days. I’m making an effort to eat salad for dinner and this week I’m doing one of my favorite arugula salad recipes. I plan on making my own salad dressing soon using this Cilantro Lime Dressing. I bought a water infusion bottle and have started brewing fruit infused water. I started making popsicles again, here's a list of my favorite recipes. This week I'm eating my Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats.

I’m also exercising my brain as I signed up for Toastmasters.  It's an organization that has been around 90 years and in 135 countries around the world that helps you develop public speaking and leadership skills through bi-weekly practice at their meetings.  I thought it would be a great way to boost my communication skills, meet new people and gain more confidence.

Do you have a fitness bucket list? Have you done Toastmasters?

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  1. The green smoothies sound like a delicious part of the healthy summer plans! I'm planning to workout regularly--I love dance workouts, but I just do them at home! :)

  2. I haven't heard of DanceTrance. That sounds SO fun! My favorite way to exercise is going to dance classes so I'll have to look this up!

  3. Love your list but haaaaate green smoothies haha. My list includes going horseback riding and hiking. I've never heard of Dancetrance!
    XO Amanda |

  4. I have never done Toeastmastes before but I definitely have a summer bucket list that includes lots of fit activities. For the month of June I'm doing a pile on the miles challenge and trying to get in 75 miles of walking or running!

  5. Dance trance sounds amazing, I don't think we have that here

  6. Lemon add lemon everywhere :)
    Never heard of Dancetrance before...but sounds much fun! x

  7. I haven't done Toastmasters but did take a Public Speaking class in college. It was really hard at first, but I have to say it definitely helped me release my fear of speaking in front of others!

  8. Adding lemon definitely helps to detox the body!

  9. daily green smoothies have helped tremendously with my migraines! great list!


  10. I am from Australia and have heard of Toastmasters here too! I haven't personally been, however, a colleague of mine participated and loved it - she met her partner there too which is maybe why she loved it.. lol

  11. dancetrance sounds like fun! i LOVE smoothies and i will check out your Glowing Green Smoothie next! =)