3 Diet Friendly Ice Creams

Ice Cream in Barcelona

If you're watching your waist line but still want a scoop of ice cream, try out these diet friendly brands.

Halo Top Lemon Cake
half cup is one serving and has 60 calories, calories from fat 18, sugar 4g, protein 6g

They use stevia and erythritol to sweeten it and let me tell you it tastes delicious! The lemon cake flavor tastes like a lemon bar or ice cream cake. You could make an ice cream sandwich with it by putting it between waffles. Or use it to make a milkshake or root beer float with Zevia soda or put a scoop in your iced tea. You can find it at Whole Foods.

Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Mini Vanilla Sandwiches
90 calories, calories from fat 15, sugar 8, protein 2g

These are a little smaller than regular ice cream sandwiches but you would never guess they were vegan, they taste like milk cream.

Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls
2 sandwiches is a serving and is 120 calories, calories from fat 45, sugar 10g, protein 2g

These are oreo cookies with mint ice cream in between them.  They are so incredibly delicious!

While not ice cream, I've talked about how much I love Trader Joe's macarons. They're much more affordable than going to a macaron shop and low in calories. In the fall they have pumpkin macarons and this summer they have mango flavored macarons. I have to say the mango flavor is very strong and natural.

Trader Joe's Mango Macarons
3 macarons is a serving, 100 calories, calories from fat 35, sugar 14g, protein 2 g

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  1. I usually go for the skinny cow ice cream treats, but I have been seeing so much about halo top, that I really need to try it!

  2. Bless you for this post! I have been dieting for a few months now and miss ice cream SO much!

  3. That Halo Top ice cream sounds really yummy. I'll have to check it out next time I'm at Whole Foods.

  4. To me the best choices are always those that are plant-based and dairy-free. Thanks for sharing.

    Rosalyn | LynSire.com