Summer Activewear from Target

Had another great weekend, Friday I went out to dinner with my father. Saturday I did a day trip to Baltimore to walk around the harbor and see the aquarium. I haven't done that in years and really enjoyed it and got to touch a jelly fish. In the evening I hit up some rooftop bars with a friend. Sunday I spent the afternoon with my mother.

I spotted one of the women in my Dancetrance class wearing this cute cut out shirt and turns out it was from Target! So I wanted to share some of the cute clothes you can find there. If you're looking for affordable fitness clothes, but can still appreciate good design and fit then you should totally check out the C9 collection at Target. In my last Target post, I talked about Marimekko clothing, well now you can find them all on clearance in the store.

Also check out this Forture article, it has a pic of the uniforms lululemon is outfitting for the American and Canadian beach volleyball players and a few cyclists. Here's an interesting article on why you should wash your workout clothes after one wear even if you think they are dry.

What’s your favorite summer activewear?  Do you have a signature gym style?


  1. I haven't shopped at Target for workout clothes in quite a while and it looks like I'm totally missing out. Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. I love Target fitness apparel! I have sports bras from there that I got YEARS ago and still going strong!

  3. I love shopping at Target. There is so much fun stuff! The leggings are so comfortable, I bought 3 pair.

  4. I love Target's fitness clothes. Their pants and bras are the best.

  5. Love cute workout clothes. Great picks!
    XO Amanda |