No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline

I loved Brian Tracy's book Eat That Frog so  I had to read another book of his. He says that all you do need to succeed in any of your life goals is self-discipline. The book shows you how you can achieve success in all three major areas of your life:  
1. Your personal goals.
2. Your business and money goals.
3. Your overall happiness.

Each chapter in this book shows you how to be more disciplined in one aspect of your life. With these guidelines, you can learn how to be more successful in everything you do because a little self-discipline goes a long way. Here are my favorite quotes from the book.

"It's quite common for many people, when they are unhappy or frustrated for any reason, to go shopping. They unconsciously associate buying something with being happy. They buy lots of things they don't particularly need because they unconsciously associate spending with happiness."

"Associate happiness with saving. when you begin saving in this way, something miraculous happens within you. You start to feel happy about the idea of having money in the bank. This action gives you a feeling of greater self-control and personal power. You feel happier about yourself. The very act of disciplining yourself to save money makes you feel stronger and more in control of your destiny."

"The Payoff is tremendous. The reward for saving and investing is substantial. Every time you save a dollar or pay off a dollar of indebtedness, you feel happy inside. You feel more positive and in control of your life. Your brain releases endorphins, which in turn give you a feeling of calmness and well-being."

"Fully 85 percent of your happiness will come from happy relationships with other people."

"Listening to a person while he talks on any subject in a way that is focused is perceived as charming behavior."

"Never criticize, condemn, or complain about anything. Never say anything about a person that you would not say to his face. Whenever you refer to someone you should always mention that she is a "nice person."

"People enjoy seeing nice people. When asked what they mean by the word "nice" people say that she is "cheerful." The more positive you are, the more cheerful you are likely to be. The more cheerful you are, the nicer personality you will have."

"Get over it and get on with it. Truly healthy people have downward sloping forgiveness curves. They have disciplined themselves by resolving to forgive and forget quickly so they can get on with their lives. They simply let their problems go and turn their attention to the things that make them happy."

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