Gratitude and List Making

If you've read my posts on gratitude, you know I like to take the time to keep a gratitude journal (Graditude365 app) to celebrate the positive things in my life. I also like to do lists, goal lists, and cleaning list (Tody app). Now I'm working on Moorea Seal's 52 lists in 52 weeks project. But first let me show you this awesome to do list pad on the right.  It's a 6x9 tear off pad that you can list your daily to dos on it, plus keep track of important times, meal planning, and track water consumption.
The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration is based on the blog series by Moorea Seal. For those of us that are not interested in daily journaling but love lists, this book helps to prompt self-expression by giving you topics to think and write about on a weekly basis. It's broken down by season so I started with Fall and each week I'm assigned a new challenge and I have to say sometimes it's not easy to wait for the next week to start on a new list! Below is my entry for "List all of your favorite things about fall." I blurred out my halloween costume ideas, I once had a friend steal my idea. Other lists include "List your top twenty mood-boosting songs", "List the things that make you feel peaceful", "List the words that warm your spirit", "List your greatest comforts," "List your goals and dreams for this year", "List your favorite quotes".

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