October Recap

This month I made a big effort to get outside to enjoy the fall weather, fresh air and checked off my fall bucket list.
Haunted Forest
I went to a haunted forest which was a pretty cool concept! I’ve gone to haunted houses in previous years but they always have a cheesy factor to it with the decorations and all. But an outdoors haunted experience was a really unique experience. You walk through a dark trail in the woods and there are numerous "jump scenes" along the way with frightening zombies and other ghosts, ghouls and goblins popping out. I was so scared I kept my eyes closed for it and held on to my friend's arm the whole time. I couldn’t even tell you what the clown faces looked like because after they jumped out on us, they would continue to walk steps behind us. I was screaming out to my friends "he's still with us" and my friends told me they were going to have nightmares with me saying that. lol At the very end we walked through a house in a pitch black hallway with narrowing walls. Then 3 guys came at us with chainsaws and we screamed our heads off. If we ran right to one room to avoid one another one would meet us in that direction. I have to say nothing compares in terms of the scary factor as a haunted forest!

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch
I did a corn maze a few years ago at night and dark, rainy and cold. We got lost and I hated the whole experience. This time I went during the day and studied the maze map during orientation as the paper maps they gave us were useless. I ended up being the leader of my team and got us out of there in 20 min! So this time the maze was fun! Afterwards we did a pumpkin sling with miniature pumpkins to see how far we could swing them. This place has the best decorative pumpkins for sale, every variety. I’ve been eating a lot of baked pumpkin oatmeal, so delicious! After that we went to a winery and sat outside with a bonfire.

Here’s my carved pumpkin.

White House Garden Tour
I haven’t been to the White House in years and even though the tour didn’t actually enter the White House, it was cool to walk around the grounds. Every President planted a tree in the garden and they show a picture of the planting next to the tall tree. I saw Michelle’s vegetable garden which had quite a few greens growing. The Obama’s also planted a playground for their girls when they first moved in. I posted the pics in this post.

The arboretum is a beautiful hidden oasis in the city that I  absolutely love!  In the fall all the trees are beautiful rainbow colors and you feel transported miles away in this peaceful, tranquil, calm place. You can go hiking within the city on paved paths! They have a Bonsai Tree collection which were also changing into fall colors, so they didn’t look real but were so beautiful. Here are my pics from my visit last year.

Wine Stomp
During the beginning of harvest season a local winery hosted a grape stomping contest where guests compete to stomp out as much juice as possible with your feet. Remember that episode of I Love Lucy where the ladies did this? I’ve always wanted to try it since seeing that episode.
Escape Room
Have you been watching the TV show Quantico on ABC this fall? I’m really enjoying the mystery series and on the show the FBI recruits in training enter a room and train to deciphering the clues to figure out what happened, which is similar to the Escape Room. I got a group of friends together and it was our first time doing something like this. The premise is that you are an agent who has to find the identity of a traitor and also find the codes to deactivate the security system that locked you in the room before the police arrive. It was a fun concept and yes we had to ask for hints to help us along the way. The 45 minutes seemed to fly by and no, we didn't make it out. We almost did though. Even though it was really hard we definitely want to do it again. It really challenges you to think outside the box, put together a really big puzzle and work as a team. It was  like nothing I have ever done and such a great time!

I did a review of the cult following spin studio last year, but this month I’ve really stepped up my game going one a week burning 400 calories during each 45min class.

I'm busy planning a weekend trip to San Francisco next month! It's been a couple years since I've been to the golden state so I'm excited to go back!

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