2 Year Anniversary!

I'm celebrating two years of having this blog!!! There's been lots of changes, for instance I've cut back from posting daily to just three times a week. While this started out as a fitness blog, it has transformed into a lifestyle blog. I think it's okay to change with your blog. I have lots of interests that I enjoy exploring and never run out of things to write about as I am truly passionate about my blog. I also consider it my online diary for living as I refer back to it to find my favorite recipes or book reviews. In the last year I've spent time networking with other local bloggers and the StyleMeBloggers from whom I've learned a lot and formed a community with people who do the same thing I do.

My most popular posts in the past year have been:

My book posts:
Winter Reading List                          Why I Joined a Book Club             Chelsea Handler

Stylebook app - I love this app and use it daily! It shows me what in my closet I don't wear so I can toss. And it organizes what I wear on the calendar so I do no repeats at work in a month because I think we all have that favorite sweater we might wear too much. The other day I went to the Limited and the saleswoman showed me a shirt I might like and I said "hold on a minute, let me check my closet to see if I have anything similar." She was blown away that I could look at my entire closet on my phone!

My fashion posts:

Fall Fashion Challenge                               Leggings Love                              Cami Organizer

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