Hockey at the Olympics

Oddly enough I've been watching a lot of Ice Hockey during lunch at work. Either in the gym when I walk on the treadmill or yesterday when we had a group lunch in the conference room to watch. Did you know that the ice rink in Olympics Hockey is larger than the NHL? I guess the NHL doesn’t want to have to remove prime seating to make for a longer rink. Pretty much your team is as good as your goalie.

I have to say it’s pretty neat to see the helmets with ponytails! The women’s team has won five national championships but even during those seasons they were getting maybe 500 people in the arena unlike the men who had a huge following. So it's really only during the Olympics that they get a big spotlight. The woman's ice hockey team won a Silver at the Olympics but you should have seen the look of disappointment and tears on their faces, you would have thought they were attending someone's funeral. I played on my school's middle school basketball team for like a minute, so I can't say I understand their team's mentality over this silver medal. They're such fantastic athletes yet they feel that winning silver means they lost.
 "We didn't train as hard as we could for second place," U.S. women's hockey captain Meghan Duggan.

In the Men's Hockey Canada won the Gold and Switzerland won the Bronze. The Russians haven't won a hockey medal at the last three Olympics. Russian President Putin said if they don't win a gold medal this time the $50 billion he spent on the Olympics would be wasted. This is a man who not only sports a six-pack abs but presently plays hockey several times a month. "Some even think the men's ice hockey defeat is one of the biggest Olympic disasters in Russia's history." But the Russians won the most medals in Figure Skating.

Alex Ovechkin, captain of the Washington Capitals Hockey Team (where he's played for the past 10 years) played for the Russian team in the Olympics for the second time. He scored only one goal in the during the Olympics, none in the final four games. When the USA Mens' team played the Russian ice hockey, the USA won 3-2. In case you’re wondering the NHL season is on a brief hiatus for the Olympics. If you’re a video gamer, you should know that he’s the cover athlete of 2K Sports hockey simulation video game NHL 2K10, as well as the cover athlete of EA Sports NHL 07. Ovechkin comes from an athletic family, his father was a professional hockey player in Russia and his mother won two Olympic gold medals while competing for the Soviet women's basketball team at two summer Olympics. Unfortunately his father underwent emergency heart surgery this week in Sochi but his family didn’t tell Alex for 3 days until after Russia had been eliminated from the Olympic tournament.


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