Even More Olympics Figure Skating!

I've been obsessed with watching the figure skating! This week staying up late to watch all the coverage. The Today show took us backstage to show the manicure station and they were giving family members American flag designs on their nails which looked pretty neat! Wednesday night I saw that Gracie Gold (on left) also had an accent flag nail during her performance.

I  liked the bold yellow choice Ashley Wagner went with which she's worn for competitions before.

My favorite costume this week was Korea's Yuma Kim's beautiful olive green dress, you don't see that color very often. She's one's the richest athletes in the world but donates to natural disasters in Asia. She personally petitioned for the next Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea.

 One thing I've wondered about is why Russian skater Yulia Lipnitskaya  has a regular ear rub from her coach every time before she goes on the ice. Apparently it's a common technique used in Russia to hit pressure points and reduce stress.

I noticed that the American skaters are so competitive, anything less than the top 3 places the look on their face was disappointment. But when the French skater Mae Berenice Meite below got 8th place both her and her coach were ecstatic!
 Check out the look on  Yuma Kim, not happy to be "only" Silver.


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