Happy Valentine's Day!

I wanted to show you how I celebrated Valentine's Day this year.

I'm big on themed dish towels and change mine throughout the year according to the season. So this month I'm using my new Valentine themed dish towels. I bought two sets because I only liked one towel from each set. For the two that I didn't like, one towel has red coffee mugs and says "love you latte" and the other one has the word love all over it. If anyone wants them let me know.

I made my sweetie a coupon book for things we can do together.

I got a nude colored kimono because I'm not a fuchsia kind of girl, love my soft beigey light pinks.

I painted a gold heart on my nails. It's taken me awhile to find the perfect red shade for my skin tone. I know everyone loves OPI I'm Not Really a Waitress but it never looked good on me. For my hands I'm wearing Rekha and on my toes I wear a brighter color Sooki.

I changed the message on my chalkboard to this:

I saw Kevin Hart's new movie About Last Night. If you look at my Popular Posts list on the right sidebar, my post about Kevin's last movie is one of my top 5 posts. This movie was about dating in Chicago and follows two couples throughout the year. It co-stars Michael Ealy (pictured below) who seems to be in every Black movie these days. lol It's a funny movie and great for a Valentine's Day date.

Tosca Reno wrote a wonderful post for Valentine's Day:
Eating Clean is a lifestyle, a journey! Embarking on this lifestyle change includes everyone around you: your family, your friends, even your acquaintances. Seeing as its Valentine's Day, I want to focus on the relationship between Eating Clean and your partner. This lifestyle choice can prove to be quite a challenge for couples who don't see eye-to-eye about healthy food and a healthy limit of activity. For other couples this can be the foundation of their relationship; a choice that truly bonds them together; a union of love for Clean food, sweat and iron! Either way there are always ups and downs in every relationship – healthy or not.
I made her recipe for Pomegranate Fizz – 2 oz. Pomegranate juice, 1/2 to 1 oz. Triple sec or other orange liqueur, 5 oz. Chilled champagne, squeeze of fresh lemon juice, 6-8 pomegranate seeds with grated lemon rind (zest).

This year I didn't bake my usual Valentine's Day cookies or make chocolate covered strawberries because I didn't want the day focused on sugar. The only dessert we had was a couple heart shaped macarons because I love their pillowy deliciousness and aren't too bad calorie wise. We went out to a new Italian restaurant that doesn't serve table bread and I ordered a half serving of pasta that came with edible flowers on top!

I also just received my shipment of the new Shakeology flavor and that has been the best part of this month, how much I'm loving Strawberry Shakeology!

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