Friday, June 21, 2013


Just booked my vacation to Spain this summer! I went there once in high school with my mom but unfortunately what I remember most is her breaking her foot in the Canary Islands. After college I went to Ibiza with a friend but she was into the techno scene and all the famous DJs and all I cared about was the beach. We actually had an argument where she said it was unfair that I had us spending 8 hours at the beach each day and only 2 hours at the club, I never saw it that way. lol But back then I took my tanning very serious and had us at the beach at promptly at 9am not miss any suntime. lol

This time I'm flying into Madrid and visiting Barcelona, Seville, Ibiza the beaches of San Sebastian and the Costa del Sol region. I'm looking forward to some good sangria, paella and catching a flamenco show!

In the meantime I'm brushing up on my Spanish wines and cheese:

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