Watermelon Feta Salad

Are you looking for a fantastic salad for the summer? Here's one of my favorite summer time salads! It's pretty simple but so refreshing and takes minimal effort. As you can see my melon baller is one of my favorite kitchen toys! You can play around with the ratio of the arugula and feta cheese to make it more appealing to your palate. It's best to toss it just before serving so the arugula doesn't wilt. Then sprinkle the crumbled feta on top of the watermelon.
All the ingredients compliment each so well and it's so pretty to look at too. I have no doubts though that you will enjoy this delicious combination. You can add some dressing to it like balsamic vinegar or fresh squeezed lime juice, but I can eat it without dressing. The watermelon is just perfectly sweet to compliment the salty feta.

This got me thinking when was the last time you saw watermelon with seeds in it? lol

crumbled fat free feta cheese

Add ons: avocado, tofu, crushed walnuts

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