My Beauty Bar

Alright so Operation Camp Gorgeous is in full effect! I think this pic of me in my facial mask will be the hottest thing you see all day, I kid, I kid!!!! hahahaha!

I always hear that having oily skin is a good thing because it means you won't have wrinkles for a long time, but in the meantime who wants their face to look like they slathered it in baby oil? lol I pretty much try anything the dermatologist has to offer, I've had microdermabrasion, chemical peelsilk peel, Isolaz,Vitamin C masks, I use gadgets, you name it I've done it. Here's my collection of clay/charcoal masks that help reduce oiliness: Origins, Dead Sea Mud, Boscia which is a peel off mask, and Paula's Choice.
I'm really into natural remedies so I started using tea tree oil for the occasional breakout, it's a great antiseptic. I even tried the Oil Cleansing method to clean my face, the idea behind it is oil dissolves oil.  So I washed my face with a mixture of olive oil and castrol oil, crazy huh? lol It works because oil does not cause oily skin, oily skin is result of hormones and trapped bacteria. When your skin's natural oils are removed it compensates by creating more oil.

I didn't last too long with the Oil Cleansing method because it was too labor intensive. First I had to keep my oil mixture in a small bowl on my bathroom sink which I like to keep completely empty for aesthetic reasons. I looked into pouring it into a bottle but you know me I couldn't just do that with out designing and printing out my own label! lol Then I thought this is way too work for a bottle only I will see so that idea got scrapped. Plus you remove the oil with a hot washcloth to steam your face, so it just became too much of a hassle for me. Then I researched it some more and found a blog saying don't use olive oil or castrol, instead use 5 other oils, well if that's the case I might as well just drop money on a prepackaged mix from Bobbi Brown. I'm too lazy to play scientist mixing multiple oils to find the right mix for me. lol If I wasn't I would be making my own thyme toner and tumeric masks. But if you're not, I wanted to share some other methods you might not have heard of.

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