Winter Wardrobe Essentials

This winter has been really cold with temperatures getting as low as 16°f and we've had three snowfalls. I work from home so luckily I haven't been outside much. However I wanted to get a covid test as a precautionary for Christmas dinner and had to wait standing outside in a line for 2 hours! That reminded me that I wanted to share all the items I have that are durable and will protect you from the winter weather. 

You need to be prepared when you go outside but you don't have to wear big bulky sweaters. The secret instead is that you have to know how to layer which will keep you warm. To winterize your wardrobes I highly recommend thermal long johns which are thin and keep you very warm. I've sworn by them for years! With the focus on being warm, you need to pick the right fabrics. In the winter I only wear  wool, cashmere and some cottons. Cashmere is really warm but not super thick  and the perfect season-less investment that you can wear for years. It's more about the fabric to build those layers to stay warm.

Base Layer

All of these shirts I've been buying for years and are a good base layer to hold heat. They're a staple in my wardrobe and go on sale frequently. 

I have a handful of this sleeveless shirt in different colors. This is great to wear in fall and spring that gives you an extra layer of warmth so you don't need to add a cardigan at work. 

Cashmere Sweater

I own one of each of these so I can attest that they are soft. The JCrew one occasionally goes on sale, the other two are already low priced for cashmere. I recommend getting a cashmere comb to keep the cashmere looking nice. You can hand wash them in wool lite and lay flat to dry. However, cashmere doesn't hold odors like polyester and thus doesn't need to be washed after every wear. You can try a Numi shirt to wear underneath to protect the fabric.

Scarves & Hats & Gloves

Cashmere scarf always looks stylish and better for your hair than wool. 

Cashmere gloves keep your hands so cozy and warm!

I'm wearing this oversized Acne Scarf that is made of 33% Alpaca, 25% Wool, 22% Nylon, 20% Mohair. I've worn earmuffs for years but recently I realized that my airpods and earmuffs don't mix. I got this  this beanie which I think looks fun in purple. I also bought a beret which I think looks stylish. They both cover the top of my ears.
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I highly recommend paying attention to fabrics in socks and get some wool socks. I bought these cashmere socks when they were on sale (because I would not pay full price for them) and they are so soft and comfy to wear home! There are the wool socks I have because I'm willing to splurge on not having frozen toes:

Heat Holders are not wool but incredibly thick!

Waterproof Boots

I finally invested in a snow boots. Uggs have no traction on the outsole, so I would slip and slide if the sidewalk had a little snow on it. They're also not waterproof if I want to walk through the snow as I learned when my feet got soaking wet. 

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