House of Gucci & Most Iconic Gucci Bags

I don't know why this movie got bad reviews, I really enjoyed it! The whole cinematography reminded me of the movie Casino. Starring Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Salma Hayek they had an all star cast. The movie follows the life of  Patrizia Gucci who married into the Gucci family and then had her husband murdered. She was sentenced to prison and when she became eligible for parole under a work-release program, she refused, saying, "I've never worked in my life, and I'm certainly not going to start now." She served 18 years in prison and is out now, living off her millions of alimony, but the movie credits don't tell you that. In fact Lady Gaga didn't even want to meet with the woman she was playing, even though Gaga is making a profit from this movie and maybe even an Oscar nod. I loved seeing all the vintage Gucci fashion in the movie including Gaga's endless stilettos. I learned that the fashion house is no longer run by the Gucci family and Salma Hayek's husband is the honorary chairman of luxury group Kering, which owns Gucci. Tom Ford, who was featured in the film, was the creative director of Gucci between 1994 and 2004. The movie is 2 hours and 38 minutes but it's so phenomenal you won't notice the long length. 

Best Gucci Bags

Gucci is an Italian label established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. This 100-year old brand takes popular pieces from their lines in the 70s and makes them look more modern in their collection today. You'll see a lot of vintages pieces from the archives updated to fit today's streetwear looks. Overall I'd say the house is made of up classic staple pieces that are timeless. Their most popular piece would be the Gucci belt that everyone is wearing! Second most popular piece are the horsebit loafers. Both are released in a range of new colors and styles each season. Their floral silk scarves are popular as well. Of course Gucci has a huge fragrance line, my favorite is Bloom Profumo di Fiori. Then there's the makeup collection as well. I want to go through their most iconic bags. 

Jackie 1961

The Jackie was reintroduced in fall 2020 as a remake of the bag Jackie Kennedy used to wear. I bought it in the red color. Harry Styles also sports this bag and here's Jackie Kennedy in 1961 with the first version of the bag. It's been revamped numerous times. 


The Marmont is super popular but I also think has had it's moment as it's oversaturated in the market.  I got mine in blue velvet to be different.

Soho Disco

The Soho Disco is one of their most popular bags because it's considered to have entry level pricing for the brand. I think everyone had this bag five years ago.


The Dionysus was created in 2015 and has a metal clasp with two tiger heads on it. 

Horsebit 1955

The Horsebit 1955 style was redesign a couple years ago as it was recreated from an archival design.


The Ophidia brings back the classic green and red print from the 70s and is on many different styles of bags.

Bamboo bag

The Bamboo bag was invented during World War 2 when materials were scarce.

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