3 Energy Boosting Drinks that Aren't Coffee

I'm not a coffee drinker and when I wake up in the morning I'm fine to start my day, but find that I have an energy slump around 3-4pm.  Typically it's the bitter black teas that have caffeine while I prefer the fruity herbal teas.  So I had a hard time finding caffeinated teas that I like. Then I tried these green fuels and found they they did the trick to wake me up!

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that has a bitter taste and bright green color. By mixing the powder into water or milk you are consuming the entire tea leaf. Thus consuming all of its antioxidants. and a small amount of caffeine.  I made the mistake of buying a matcha latte from Starbucks once and I was bouncing off the walls! I found out later that the pre-made syrup has 62g of sugar! 

Making matcha from scratch to is a bit of a hassle. Daily Harvest makes a matcha latte so I have been drinking those. But it's only 3 a pack and don't always want a hot drink. Then I found these two easy to use products that boost my energy:

Liquid IV is a brand I've been using for awhile. They have a great hydration product that I use after a night of drinking and I'm good as new as soon as I finish my glass! They also have an energy drink that is made of matcha and vitamin B and sweetened with stevia so it's very sweet, almost like a crystal light. It comes in individual packets that you just mix with water. 

Clevrblends makes a superfood powder that is a mix of matcha, adaptogens, probiotics, powdered oat milk, and sweetened with coconut cream and monk fruit. I pour the powder into my Milk Frother mixed with cold water and it's ready to drink! It's an easy way to get your daily dose of Ashwagandha which is something I take separately. 

I was also looking for something to boost my energy levels before a workout without taking some pre-workout supplement made with caffeine, creatine or splenda. I've tried vegan BCAA but they didn't work for me. Then I started taking pure spirulina  before my workouts and found it really boosts my energy levels! I also gave some to my mom who reported that she didn't feel tired at the end of the day when she took it. Energybits may seem expensive, but the owner says she doesn't take a profit from the company, as she has another business that provides for her. If you take fish oil, what do you think the fish eat? Spirulina. You are just cutting out the middle man. Spirulina is very popular in Japan as a high protein food that has anti-oxidants and gives you energy. 

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