LOFT Sweater Haul

The LOFT has so many beautiful sweaters for the season. And corduroy and velvet pants in many jewel tones. The LOFT continues to be one of my favorite clothing stores and doesn't disappoint with the current collection. Here are some great pieces to add to your cold weather collection that look chic. These cozy sweaters are currently 40% off.

First let's start with pants you can either go with corduroy pants which come in mid waist or high waist, straight leg or boot leg, and modern cut or curvy cut. I think everyone needs a good pair of black velvet pants.

I have been looking for a Fairisle sweater for several years now but never quite finding the right one until today. I love this modern take with blue and green tones.

The pictures below don't do the textures of the sweaters justice. On the top row the white bobble cable sweater is just what I was looking for - a unique textured white sweater. The lime sweater has a pretty pointelle  eyelet holes woven in the front.

On the bottom row, the brown sweater has a shimmer thread woven into the fabric. The purple sweater has what's called eyelash yarn so it's very fuzzy and knitted with several different shades of purple.

The coat I bought two years ago, they keep bringing back in new colors.

The LOFT now also has a rental service where they mail you a box of clothes every month and you can either wear and return or purchase at a discount. You pick 3 pieces for $65 a month from their entire collection.

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