Fall Outfit Ideas

Fall is officially here and I'm enjoying the crisp breezes, colorful leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything. Fall fashion is my favorite season because I like to play around with different layers and bring out all of my boots and cardigans as I have a capsule of sorts that I always wear.  Here are some staple items you'll need for your basic fall look.

 Over the Knee Boots

Long cardigans are one my favorite pieces to wear. Have you heard of the Third Piece Rule? It's a third article of clothing after your shirt and pants. That third piece adds the finishing touch to any outfit that makes your outfit more put together and polished. That's what a cardigan does that a sweater can't.

Chunky Sweaters
Who doesn't love sweater season? I love wearing fall toned sweaters in plum and rust.

The Blanket Scarf
This also falls under the third piece rule as it takes a basic outfit and makes it look more interesting. You can find a ton of affordable options on Amazon.

Tunics & Ripped Jeans
This is the shirt that I have in 4 colors. It's such a popular shirt they bring it back every season in new colors. My boss and I actually both have the same colored ones and we agreed on what days of the week when each can wear it. I can wear mine on Thursdays and she wears her on Fridays. lol The Express has been my go to for jeans.

Panama Hat
Here's the tunic shirt again in black with a wide brimmed hat. I found a similar hat on amazon for cheap.

I always go with the lowest heel I can find so they can be comfortable enough to wear for hours.

Wedge Sneaker

A cross between heels and a sneaker, we're having a moment where sneakers are chic and on trend. I bought a pair at the end of last season so I haven't had a chance to wear my yet. I really like them because it's like wearing a taupe bootie but more comfortable. They go great with jeans, a tee and a cardigan.

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