Spring Trend:Off-Shoulder Tops

The last time I wore an off the shoulder top was middle school, but the trend is back! I think they look flattering on all body shapes because everyone's shoulder look good right? Of course in the summer time you will have to remember to put sunblock on your shoulders. I bought this pretty pink embroidered top from Nordstrom and my mom saw and said she wanted it too! I said we can't have the same shirt and she said "it's not like we will be wearing it at the same time!" lol  As a compromise I bought her a very similar top from Target in pink. At least the shades of pink are slightly different but she says she sees the "target difference" in quality.  Both tops are linked below and my earrings are in my Target post.

I had to buy a strapless bra because I lost mine a couple years ago in a closet purge and never needed to replace it. I was skeptical about embracing the off shoulder trend and had so many questions. Would be inconvenient to carry a purse on my shoulder? Would I keep adjusting the top all day? Can a busty gal wear one? I found the only problem was wearing a seat belt put line marks on my skin - that's ok. I'm trying to hold back on not buying too many top in this style. I highly recommend you dip your shoulders into this trend as it's been in trend a few years now so I get your shoulders out there!


  1. I def love the off the shoulder trend! So feminine!

  2. We are loving off the shoulder tops for Spring. This is perfect on you!

  3. So chic and divine
    Asma XoXo!