Spring Dresses at the LOFT

The LOFT continues to be one of my favorite clothing stores. They keep up with the latest trends so in the past few years they have had all different styles. It's not just business casual clothes you would expect from a spin off from Ann Taylor. They've also expanded to sell workout clothes, swimsuits, sunglasses, hats, shoes, scarves, jewelry, socks, etc. I bought my first coat from them this year. They have shorts in various lengths and colors depending on your preference. You can outfit your entire wardrobe there. They get new inventory frequently and the whole store goes on sale monthly so it's very affordable. They also do vanity sizing which makes me a very happy, loyal customer! lol Hence I buy most of my clothes from the LOFT. 

My only complaint with them is all of their white shirts are sheer, every year. Don't know who is buying them? I don't want to wear a cami underneath a t-shirt.  For Spring, the LOFT is featuring marigold yellow, cold shoulders, and floral prints. I've been scared to get into florals since I think it can be hit or miss and tire of easily. As a blonde I love wearing yellow, but not the shade marigold which seems to be a favorite of the LOFT every year.  Linked below are some of their standout dresses, you might something nice to wear to your Easter celebrations.

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  1. posts like this make me so sad there's no Loft near me :( I'll need to travel to the US more to shop