Wanderlust: My Travel Journal

I'm planning a new year of travel for myself, and wanted to reflect on my recent trips. In the past three years I've traveled to five countries and three cities in the USA and shared some of my packing tips. Above are some of my guidebooks from the countries I've traveled to.

My trip to Bali was an amazing experience!

I loved my fourth trip to Thailand, which is one of my favorite countries! I wrote another post on the delicious food and luxurious experiences I had there.
I spent two weeks traveling around Spain including a trip to the island Ibiza where I did some club hopping. If you're wondering what a vegetarian eats in Spain check out this post.  And here's my recipe for making your own authentic paella.

             Los Angeles                               Santa Monica                                Vegetarian in LA

I had a weekend in New York that was a blast!

Packing Tips                                             Plane snacks                 Panama rainforest (wild monkey attack)

More from my Panama trip  here and here.

Last year I spent Christmas in Cancun which was such a relaxing experience on the beach! I also did some side trips to see the sights nearby. What does a vegetarian eat in Mexico - click here.

If I had to move to another city, it would be San Francisco!

My bucketlist for 2016-2017:

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Phuket island in Thailand

French Riviera -haven't been in a LONG time.

Cuba - I hope Obama's trip there last week leads to looser travel resistrictions.

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