2016 Style Resolutions

So far every month this year I've set a new set of goals.  First were my personal resolutions for the year. Then in February, I decided I needed blogging goals. Now in March I've come up with some style-related resolutions I'd like to try to keep this year. And by writing these down, I’m ensuring that I make myself accountable.

Goal #1: Shop my closet more. Using the stylebook app, remember to wear what I own. Toss all the things I haven't worn in years, I have a ton in that category. The great thing about the stylebook app is that it tells me the last time I wore something since I've been using it since July 2014. I use the "one in, one out" rule. Whenever I buy something new, somehint old has to go.

Goal #2: Wear more tunics. They're such a versatile wardrobe piece that you can wear year round that are flattering to a variety of body types. The key is to pair it with a slender bottom like leggings or skinny jeans so you're not adding volume everywhere. I can wear them to the office and look casually chic in them.

Goal #3:  Wear more plaid. I know sounds like a strange goal but I typically only wear solid colors and owned no plaid prior to buying this shirt. I want to branch out and pick up more pieces in a feminine cut.

Goal #4: Buy better lingerie. I've been a loyal Victoria Secret consumer since high school, only worn one bra model, but don't buy new ones years like you're supposed to. I've learned that wireless bras don't show any bulges on your back because the fabric lays flat on you so I've tried out that style with this bra which I love. I'm branching out and trying new brands as all I've ever known is VS, in fact I was at a loss for where to each search for replacements. lol

Goal #5: Try out hair extensions. Seems like I'm the last one to try this. I would like to try them out to get more volume in my hair, but keep the same length. I talked to my hairdresser about this and she's going to buy the hair then I will come back in for a fitting so she can cut it to the right lenth then color it to match my hair.

Goal #6: Wear a cape dress. I haven't found the right occasion to wear one too, but I'm so loving this style and can't wait to wear it!


  1. The cape dress is so fun!
    Good luck with your style resolutions :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. I haven't heard of that app....sounds like something I need to check out though!

  3. I feel like I could use that app. I'm going to check it out later. I love the one in, one out rule. I purged my closet back in January, but have purchased more items. I should have shopped my closet as you suggested.

  4. These are great resolutions! I definitely want to invest in better lingerie too! I also have a cape dress that I've never worn and I'm dying to style it.


  5. Great resolutions, I definitely want to wear more tunics!

  6. These are fun goals! I'm loving cape dresses, but haven't had an occasion to wear one....grocery shopping maybe?

  7. I love tunics and can't wait to try extensions!