#30 Day Detox

For the month of February, I challenged myself to a #30 Day Detox, to give up something that has been a vice for me.  I gave up wine (and alcohol) to shed a few pounds. I friend of mine did a Dry January where he abstained from alcohol for the whole month. I thought it was a great idea but alas I couldn't do it because my birthday is in January. I've heard that people give up for Lent what they failed to achieve in their New Years resolutions, but I couldn't wait for Lent, I wanted to start Feb 1.

I find that drinking makes me hungrier and I end up consuming more calories. I love wine and have made a habit of enjoying a few glasses of wine on the weekends which leads to late night pizza on days I don't exercise. My favorite wines are the sweet ones which have a smaller alcohol percentage so I don't get a big buzz but I enjoy the sweet taste. I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet that I never touch, it's only for the parties a throw. So wine really is my drink of choice unless I'm in a restaurant with a fancy cocktail menu.

I had a few social engagements last month that I was worried would tempt me. There was a Superbowl party, happy hours, a local bloggers event and a charity event I go to every year that had a reception before showing all the Oscar nominated movies. In fact, I was so worried I thought about postponing this challenge, but then thought well next month other events will pop up as well. I meant to buy some alcohol-free wine but it was so cold this month I couldn't motivate myself to go out of my way to the stores that sell it.

You can use an app stickK to keep yourself accountable for challenges, but I chose to just put gold stars on every day in my planner. I confirmed that I can go out with friends and not wine. I was surprised at how easy it was to not drink in social situations. But I did miss having a glass at home to unwind on the weekends. The results of my 30-day journey without wine are that I have to say it had little impact on my life. Well, I probably don't drink enough for it to make that big a difference which is good. But I did notice the scale finally moving (lost 9 lbs so far this year) and that's my reason to continue this detox until Easter. See can't have Easter dinner without my traditional Manischewitz wine. However, I should mention I did celebrate the end of the #30 day detox with some cocktails before I start my next #30 day detox. But now I'm back to drinking the healthy soda I've discovered, will post about that tomorrow.

Have you ever done an alcohol detox, how long did you last, how'd it work out for you?


  1. I have done a 30 day detox with sweets before. The first few days are tough but once you get over that hurdle it gets easier. Congrats on following through!

    1. I think a 30 day detox with sweets would be so hard for me! Very impressive you were able to complete that!